Leonardo Sang (1990) is a self-taught photographer living and working in São Paulo, Brazil.
In 2009, he bought a Nikon film camera from a friend. Since then, he has been practising his photographic skills whenever he can, from slacking off work, to family trips, from real world assignments to virtual reality photography.
He holds a degree in industrial design from Mackenzie University (2012) and worked for 8 years as a graphic designer, at Estúdio Árvore, EC and Bossa Nova Films. He's also co-founder of Estúdio Arnold (2011), a strategic design studio based in São Paulo.
Along with analog and digital photography, Leonardo also has an experimental project. Named VRP (Virtual Reality Photography), this project involves the application of photographic techniques in videogame realities.
leonardo sang
+55 11 996 074 585
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