This project consists in images taken "from the backseat" of car, even if some of the cars doesn't even have backseats...

As part of vrp, the goal here is to explore how racing games doesn't have to be about "racing" and some of the games used aren't even in the racing genre. This is a reference to "road tripping" photography. Catching that lonesome roadtrip mood, where the journey inside the car is more emotional rather than arriving at the destination.


You are not the driver, you are not the co-driver, you are just sitting in the back seat, enjoying the view, the talks and the trip.

All the images are edited to set the serene mood. Most of them are black&white because I think road trips should be in black&white.

(expert processing by Eron Rauch for Screen Knowledges)

(expert processing by Eron Rauch for Screen Knowledges)